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I feel like I’m in a hard situation.. I love who am I and who ive become recently but it makes it so hard to have friends or make new friends because I’m constantly realizing little things that never would have bothered me before. So many people just like to talk about or make fun of people and that bothers me so much, I try to ignore it and not call them out on being an asshole but at the same time i dont want to even be around this people let alone ignore it and just deal with it. I can hear ignorance in peoples voices when they talk. People that litter and laugh aggravate me, people that dont smile when you make eye contact, girls that only talk about themselves, people with shitty morals annoy me, spoiled people, people that dont think of others, people that dont hold doors open, people that dont have common curtesy and honestly the list is endless. And it also just bothers me that all the deep conversations I’ve enjoyed having latley are with people I dont genuinely even know. Like i dont care if we have nothing in common or not that doesnt matter at all. When i talk to someone I like to talk about things their interested in cause they get so passionate and excited when your talking about things they like and I’m always asking about them and I’ve just realized today after these two kids started talking to me in the student center about what I’m interested in and things I like, that I havent talked about those things in a while.. and its just weird.. I feel like I should be talking about them more If the people around me actually cared about me or my happiness if that makes sense. Its hard too because things I used to find funny arent any more… theres so much more to say but i dont know how to put it into words -.-